Why it matters to the Northwest

The Columbia, Snake and Willamette rivers help bring Northwest products to the world. Our access to the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Rim trade partners is vital for the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. The economies of these three states rely heavily on the commerce that flows through one of the most important commercial waterways in the nation.

  • The Idaho Department of Agriculture states that in 2015, the value of Idaho’s exported agricultural products was over $2 billion. 50% of Idaho's wheat is exported through the Columbia and Snake rivers.
  • Approximately 85% of Oregon wheat is moved largely to Pacific Rim countries. Potash, soda ash and many more commodities are exported through this trade gateway.
  • More than 85% of Washington's wheat is shipped for export; nearly all of it is shipped on the Columbia and Snake rivers.

More than 40,000 Northwest jobs are dependent on our trade and export industry. 

Your neighbors are affected by Pacific Northwest trade.

More trade = more jobs.


Why it matters to the U.S.

The Columbia River export terminals are responsible for more than 44 million tons of international trade. That's at least $24 billion in cargo value, which is critical to the U.S. economy. Our rivers are responsible for keeping goods moving throughout the world. River highlights include:

  • #1 in U.S. wheat exports
  • #2 in U.S. soy exports
  • #1 in West Coast wood exports
  • #1 in West coast bulk exports
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Our Uses

We use the rivers in many ways, for many purposes

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Snake River

The Snake River is a dynamic and vital river to everyone in the Northwest

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Transporting goods up and down the rivers is a vital service